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Become an expert software engineer and learn the skills that matter.

Transform your career: learn the skills that give your career a boost and make you an expert of highly scalable, performant and efficient software development.






1 On 1


TUE and THU @6pm Saturday Support Industry Readiness

Batch begins on 12 July 2022





What you will learn in the program


Data Structure & Algorithms

6 points

Learn how to store and access information with speed and efficiency


Clean Code

2 points

Learn the best practices of writing clean, maintainable and readable code.


Coding Interview Skills

4 points

Learn to Solve Coding Interview Questions with Speed and Quality.


OOP Principles

4 points

Learn to design software using Object Oriented Principles.


Design Patterns

5 points

Most problems follow patterns and solutions too. Learn the well known patterns to make scalable softwares.


Database Design

5 points

Database needs a good design for efficient storage and fast access. Learn the database design principles.


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Who is Software Design and Principles program for?

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Bootcamp or Uni Graduates

If you’ve just graduated from a university or bootcamp, this program is sure to give you the advanced skills of software engineering to boost your confidence and set you apart from thousands of other students with similar qualifications.

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Devs or Software Prof.

Already started your career? This program provides you the expert skills that are needed to help you grow in your career. Industry needs people who can work independently building great products. This program will teach you exactly that.

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Have a great idea? Great! Taking part in this program will help you build a highly scalable product. Doing things right is important before the product becomes bulky and this program helps you start on the right foot.

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Self Learner

Tired of beginner level recorded online courses? Want to get better at software development? This is the program where you learn real skills taught by industry experts.

How is the program taught?

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Online Teaching Session

Online teaching sessions (zoom meetings) are where the instructor will teach you all the content of the program and you can ask him any questions. Instructors are there to help you understand every concept and its application.

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Tasks and Project Work

The tasks and project work is for you to apply the concept explained during the online sessions. These tasks are designed to enhance and deepen your knowledge of software engineering.

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Mentoring and Interview Prep

Career mentoring sessions are scheduled to help students get ready for industry including reviews of resume, cover letter, portfolios and social presence.

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Saturday Support/Code Reviews

In addition to online live sessions, saturdays are designated to provide support for students for solving tasks and one-on-one discussions. Code reviews are conducted on saturdays so that students can continuously improve their performance.

How we help you land a job

Resume, Portfolio and LinkedIn review

We will help you improve your resume and portfolio to ensure they convey your skill sets effectively and help you stand out from the crowd. We will help you also optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase exposure to recruiters and get job leads.

Tech & Behavioral Interview Skills

Almost all development position interviews will involve technical and behavioral questions. We will train you for technical questions and help you prepare for the behavioral questions to deliver the qualities an interviewer looks for in interviews.

Mock Interviews

We will help you develop concise and effective personal summaries from your qualities and experiences. We will train you to perform your best by conducting mock interviews and providing structured feedback.

Career Guidance and Tips

We'll help you research the job market for open positions and salary expectations. Analyze which positions are most suitable for you by understanding your strengths.

FAQs about Software Design and Principles

Yes! This program is not beginner level program but it is designed for anyone who has at least basic programming knowledge. You must be able to write loops, conditional logic, functions and classes.

Having finished a bootcamp is perfect preparation for this program. As this program is made to give you expert skills, through this course you will accelerate your career growth and set yourself apart from others.

Nope! This program is language agnostic and students can use any language during the program.

The program material provides code samples in Javascript, Java and Python. You can always ask for code samples in the language you like. We do recommend that you use any object oriented language.

Although coding is an integral part of the program, we are happy to discuss the best way forward for you. Please contact us at contact@codingdeepdive.com so that we can discuss the right approach for you.

Do you have questions?

You can read the FAQs or write us at:

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