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Should I learn programming? Is it any good for me?

Have you ever asked if you should learn programming?

Maybe you thought about it for a few minutes and then decided that it is too difficult or irrelevant to what your profession is so you don’t need it.

Well, this is the story of many people who hesitate to learn to code. Even though it might appear a bit too complicated on the surface, because that’s what everybody thinks, but let me tell you, anybody can learn coding. Coding is not something that requires extra intelligence or an extremely high level of IQ, instead it just needs a little patience and persistence in the beginning.

If you can understand logic and live by a million other complicated rules in this world, then believe me, You Can Code!

Here are some strong reasons why people of any profession should learn to code!


The world runs on software

I hope this is not a surprise but believe it or not, the world does run on software. Software is part of every modern device that you are using. Not just mobile phones or computers have software in them but your washing machine, microwave, refrigerator and even the dishwasher has software in it. But why should you care about it? Good question! In a world that is rapidly changing, not learning to code is the same as a fish not willing to learn to swim.

In a world that is rapidly changing, not learning to code is the same as a fish not willing to learn to swim.

If you don’t understand software at all, it also means that you don’t understand most of the world.

Does that sound strange? Yes! Imagine if you are in a forest and you do not understand which plants can be eaten safely, would you survive very long there? Probably not. And that is exactly the same with software. The only difference here is that, unlike trees and plants, softwares are invisible (mostly) but not understanding software at all, just means that you also do not understand most of the world,


Learn to think like a scientist

What do scientists think about? Science… right? What is science?

It’s a method that means that you have a process of collecting data and then you make a decision based on the analysis of that data. Many situations in life are the same like a scientific problem.

For example, should you go abroad for education? This is a problem where you must think about, how much will it cost? Can I afford it? Will I get a better job with that education? Does the university have a good reputation? Is the program good?

You need to learn programming to make better decisions in life.

The answers to all these questions are the sample data that you need to analyse to make the right decision and this is exactly how scientists think. And programming teaches you this pattern of thinking. So learning to think better is not only something that scientists need but you too need to think better to make better decisions in your life.


Safeguard your career

Nowadays job security is a myth. Any job in any profession is not a guarantee for the long term. More specifically, people who have learnt programming and hence the better way of thinking will eventually perform better in most of the jobs. Imagine a company that is trying to reduce the workforce.

Obviously it is going to evaluate people’s performance by their efficiency, and if you are a person who knows how to think better, you automatically also become more efficient and that can already save your job in the bad economy.

Jobs in technology are increasing every year whereas jobs in other
non-technical areas are on a decline

On the other hand, jobs in technology are increasing every year whereas jobs in other non-technical areas are on a decline. So even if you lose your job for some strange reason, having IT skills can not only help you get a job faster but you can also decide to build software products or websites that can result in financial freedom.


Achieve financial freedom

Have you ever thought about how much it will cost to start a small business to sustain your own life?

Let us say a small cafe. You would need to pay for the coffee brewer, rent a place to run the cafe then rent or buy tables and chairs so that customers can enjoy their coffee. And you have to invest all this money before you earn any single cent by selling the coffee.

Do you know how much you need to pay for starting a software company? If you are reading this blog on your laptop then the answer is 0. Isn’t is amazing that you can literally start a company, make a website that generates thousands of euros or dollars or publish apps on mobile phones without investing any money upfront.

You can start your own company for 0 cost

The magic of software business is such that almost all the things that you need to make a software product and hence earn money are available for free. You can just download the relevant software development kits and get started. The only thing that you need to focus on is programming because that is the language of the internet and computers and you can literally make millions.

There is virtually no reason that one should not learn programming because programming is not only for IT professionals, it is for everyone’s betterment.

On one hand programming helps you become better in your own profession by teaching you better ways of thinking and on the other hand it can help you to start your own business and earn passive income for reaching financial freedom. In a world run by software, it is indispensable that one learns programming because it can not only help you grow in your career but can also provide you wings to fly and achieve your dreams.