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Course Application

Admission Procedure

Our admission process comprises of 4 steps to assess the fitness of a candidate for the program


Candidates are required to apply on our website. After the candidate has submitted their application through our website we’ll evaluate it to ensure the fitness of purpose.


After reviewing the application, we'll arrange a zoom meeting online or in-person meetup. During this intro-meet, you will have the opportunity to learn more about CDD and we will ask about your background and your motivation to apply for the respective course.
If the interview is successful (or not) and you are accepted to the respective course (or not) you will receive an email notification.


Upon acceptance to the respective course of CDD you will be forwarded a contract for you to sign and a course guide-book explaining all about the program and regulations. You will also receive the software requirements guide and details about slack and github urls.


Congratulation! Start the course and start learning expert skills.

Application Form

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*not used for marketing purposes