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He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.



Coding Deep Dive - started as a mentoring service to students and professionals who needed help to build projects and learn software development in July-2015. Having helped over 110+ students in Germany and USA offline and online, we decided to open up for the rest of the world as an online mentoring and training service.

Having a goal in mind to help people get better at software design and development, we have created courses giving you an insight into the real world situations and help you understand and build real products.

As experienced professionals who have acquired core software skills by getting their hands dirty and by building world class software products, we realized there is a lot of hidden knowledge which only experts in the top software companies have access to, and we want to bring that knowledge to everyone.

Operating from Germany, we extend our services online at much affordable prices than other traditional training institutions because we believe that everybody should be able to improve themselves.


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Ravi KS
IT Expert | 11+ Year

I love teaching and helping people, and I have done it for over 5 years in Germany. After working in industry for over 11+ years and developing software for telecom, biometric, web and enterprise domains, I have realized that a career in software needs more than just programming skills and I want to teach you everything I have learnt.

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Virat S
IT Expert @ Microsoft | 10+ Years

Having worked in industry for over 10+ years in companies like, IBM and Microsoft, I can say that keeping your skills updated is key to success in software industry. Growth in career needs skills beyond education and I will help you with the most needed skills to crack interviews and grow in industry.


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